Going to be at PAX West next week? Come and see us!

Is it that time already? PAX West, the excellent gaming convention operated by our new(ish) owners at ReedPop, runs next week in Seattle, from Friday 30th August to Monday 2nd September. And we’ll be there – well, Aoife will, anyway!

If anything, the main attraction at PAX is the huge and incredibly diverse range of panels and presentations, and this year we’re making a contribution to that with three of our own, accompanied by some very special guests. If you’re going to be at the show, do come check them out! Details below:

Eurogamer Presents: Totally Realistic and True Predictions for Gaming in 2039

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Going to be at PAX West next week? Come and see us! syndicated from https://codexpcgames.wordpress.com/

Author: loopixo

I am a proud father of 2 beautiful girl and I prefer gaming among all forms of entertainment. I am also a founder of My Games Club, where we discuss about gaming and how the gaming industry has given positive influence on each of our lives. As a gamer dad I also like to talk tips to live the duel life! Apart from gaming, I also love TV series and reading. I do watch Movies in the weekend too, especially when the mediums crossover with one another. With a passion in reading and gaming, I am working on new projects which will bring together gaming and great novels.

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