Music Disk: Preschool #1 by Abyss (Amiga ECS/OCS) (October 2018)

Hello guys,

Abyss, the legendary demo group, is back in action with a brand new music-disk called Preschool #1! This is their second release this year. Some of you might recall Wesley Bitcrusher from Revision 2018.

Credits for Preschool #1 is as follows:

Code and music by Pink
Graphics by Fade1
Tools by Bartman

Highly recommend you download it and run it on your Amiga. Excellent design, top notch music! If not, you can watch it through YouTube below. 🙂

Music Disk: Preschool #1 by Abyss (Amiga ECS/OCS) (October 2018) syndicated from

Author: loopixo

I am a proud father of 2 beautiful girl and I prefer gaming among all forms of entertainment. I am also a founder of My Games Club, where we discuss about gaming and how the gaming industry has given positive influence on each of our lives. As a gamer dad I also like to talk tips to live the duel life! Apart from gaming, I also love TV series and reading. I do watch Movies in the weekend too, especially when the mediums crossover with one another. With a passion in reading and gaming, I am working on new projects which will bring together gaming and great novels.

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