Film animator’s gorgeous mouse RPG is finished five years later

Five years later, the gorgeous crowdfunded mouse adventure Ghost of a Tale, made by Lorax and Despicable Me animation director Lionel Gallat, is ready. An update on the game’s website yesterday revealed a startlingly imminent release date of 13th March.

That’s on PC, where a small portion of the game has been in early access for a year-and-a-half. It’s £15/$20 and will stay that way for the next couple of weeks, after which it will go up to $25(/£20, perhaps).

There are console versions (Xbox One X and PlayStation 4) planned for later this year but their timing depends on rectifying any issues there may be with the PC version first. A Switch version is a much trickier proposition and would require “a complete re-tooling of the visual features and a fundamental re-authoring of most of the 3D assets”, Gallat said. If Ghost of a Tale sells well and Gallat can hire a studio for a Switch conversion then it would be possible, but otherwise probably not.

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Author: loopixo

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